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My cuisine is composed by grill, oak and fire and the raw materials selection resulted from my gastronomic journeys which go from Sicily to Aosta Valley, from Spain to France and Denmark, bringing back to Varrone everything that I believed suitable for my cuisine. La Griglia di Varrone results from the maniacal research on every kind of breeds of cattle in order to arrive to the selection which you will find in the menu: some of the most valuable meats of the world, the U.S.A. and Australian Black Angus proposed in different cuts and only selected PRIME, Wagyu and Piedmontese Fassona.

I collaborate with big producers such as Paolo Parisi for Tuscan products, Massimo Spigaroli for the Emilian ones, Joselito for the Spanish ones, Guffanto for cheeses and Oberto butcher's shop supplies us concerning Piedmontese meats (Alba).

Passion for food and design too. From here the friendship between me and Diego Perusko comes and he was a genius in combining a so ancient tool with a real made in Italy design.

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