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    Wine chart Milano
The wines list of La Griglia di Varrone in Milan, is the selection of research, the analysis of a moment, a picture of a way to produce wine. We have selected wines produced by men, vine-dressers, farmers, we have both scanned classical and emerging territories, we were looking for small realities, wines characterized by a guiding thread; "genuineness" and so careful agronomic managements and natural vinifications. Mineral composition, character, soul, territory, these are some peculiarities of our wines, and we propose them with great satisfaction and each wine is combined with descriptive technical notes.
Cavallotto barolo cru bricco boschis 2008
Roccalini barbaresco 2010
Cascina iuli malidea 2008
Nervi gattinara 2005
San fereolo langhe nebbiolo il provinciale 2008

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