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The place of taste, a dedicated place with a language which talks about "matter"  of cuisine and design.
Trying to "learn", we can transer sensations and passions which must be clear and perceived through the senses and they must be remembered by our memory:  …..“we are looking for the charm in the things".
The following assumptions lay on the basis of the Varrone Milano concept concerning both the aesthetic and gastronomic languages: cuisine and design have together searched for their own "taste culture" in order to give the best comfort and the highest intensity of emotions to the costumers.
Inside this place we find the design which expresses itself through shapes and finishing such as: precious woods, natural stones, iron, steel, glass, laquers join all together by  the continuous game of lights and reflections atmospheres.
Formal language is mixed in materials, details which follow one another  in the Varrone places, from the window on Tocqueville road towards the hall which leads to the on sight grill, to the meats cold store, passing in front of the glamour vintage bar to arrive to the dehor which is sorrounded by bamboo.
The datail care is transferred to the accessories and table equippements such us cutlery and the design of plates which are studied for grill and cuisine creations.
At Varrone Milano the taste place is combined with the design to create passions and intense emotions, which must be lived again and interiorized.

La Griglia di Varrone  www.grigliavarrone.com

Concept e Design : Architetto Perusko Diego  www.perusko.it
in collaboratiion with Sassi and Pesenti Architects  www.wireomatic.it

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